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Something for you “Steam” Punk Sheddies

A British-built steam supercar has successfully test-launched ahead of its bid to break a century-old world land speed record for steam-powered vehicles. The 25ft-long British Steam Car – dubbed the “fastest kettle in the world” – reached speeds of up to 60mph on tarmac at the Ministry of Defence’s Thorney Island facility in Emsworth, Hampshire. […]

Shed Design

Just sheds : Steampunk Sheddie O.S.M

Outa Spaceman has a shed that brings to mind the total British eccentric tinkering in his/her shed and producing items of wonder that inspire a generation of top sheddies like Baylis, Dibnah and our very own Lyndon Yorke all great sheddies with unique talents, but OSM takes sheddism back to the Victorian age but with […]