Born to be a sheddie – Motorbike sheds

Sometimes a sheddie needs to cut loose and get out on the open road but when he/she gets back home they need somewhere to store their precious wheels, some great examples of Bikers sheds. Shed 7 Matthew Lancashire Ian’s Shed Ian cranks corner Jonathan Whitehead The Uber Hut Gordon Inch Cammy9r garden in Glasgow

Just Sheds: Behind the Bike Shed

Some great bike sheds on our Flickr group.. [flickr]photo:4042216324[/flickr][flickr]photo:2619268609[/flickr][flickr]photo:3752067845[/flickr][flickr]photo:3251026563[/flickr][flickr]photo:2265691928[/flickr][flickr]photo:3204738098[/flickr][flickr]photo:2359300773[/flickr]