Shed of the year 2010 Judges

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We have had the following judges signed up for Shed of the Year 2010, and great collection of shedists they are.

Sarah Beeny
‘The shed quality gets better and better each year – it seems more and more people are embracing the joy of sheds!’ @sarahbeeny

Simon Aldersley, Cuprinol Woodcare Doctor
“I’m very excited to be part of the judging panel for 2010’s Shed of the Year competition. I’ve been very impressed with the standard of shed entries from previous years and I’m very much looking forward to seeing what this year brings. There’s so much you can do to make your shed look great with a bit of creativity and the right tools.”

Debra Prinzing
I’m honored for the chance to participate in SHED WEEK as an international judge and hope that my involvement will help expand and promote shed-ownership and this event in North America. @dkprinzing

Simon Greenish from Bletchley Park @bletchleypark

In the last competition Hut 6 won the Hut categorie which was important to us as it was probably the most important historical building in the competition but also in the worst condition of all.

Alex from Shed Working @shedworking
National Shed Week is about a lot more than a roof and four (fairly waterproof) walls – it’s a celebration of invention, creativity and community

Shed of the year 2010 judge: Lloyd Alter @lloydalter I love sheds so much, they are such a great demonstration about how to do more with less, to make small spaces work well, and to experiment. And why Shed Week is so remarkable

Of course I will be putting my oar in (@unclewilco) and will joined by last years Shed of the year winner Steven Harwood.

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