6 Things About Artificial Grass You Don’t Know

We all love greenery, don’t we? Like don’t you feel all relaxed and refreshed when you go out in your lawn and put your feet on that freshly watered grass and lay your eyes on the colorful flowers all around you and the beautiful butterflies flying here and there and hear those birds melodiously chirping? It’s a refreshing scene that plays every day in spring and this makes us realize how beautiful nature is. Did you notice that this scene wouldn’t really be the same if the green grass that requires a lot of care, is removed from it? So today in the 21st century where there’s a solution for almost everything a new alternative called artificial grass is discovered that solves the maintenance issue. Below are a few things you must know about this artificial grass.

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  1. No Need to Pull That Weed Off

When you have this artificial grass installed you are relieved with the weed issue as most of the artificial grass manufacturers offer a weed fabric which blocks the weeds from growing in your grass. Sounds amazing right?

  1. Manufacturing Process Is Similar to Carpet

This beautiful green grass is just like a carpet, it’s made in a similar way plus it’s even sold in a similar way like both are sold according to measurements. Remember the interior designer comes in to take your room’s measurements to carpet the floor? Just like that artificial grass companies also come and measure the floor area that has to be covered. So we can say it’s more like a 3D carpet?

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  1. There Are Various Types to Choose From

No if you think that all artificial grasses are the same, let me tell you that they aren’t. There are various different types to choose from like:

  1. Sports: the first type is the one used for sports fields, it’s a type that lasts for longer periods and are made in a way that the player’s running is not affected but supported. Such pitches are also called as 3G or 4G pitches. 
  2. Non infill: it’s the one that’s pinned down and has no layer or infill on top of the turf.
  3. Hybrid: it’s the grass that consist of a combination of both real and fake turf.
  4. In-fill: it’s the grass with a layer of sand and rubber on the top of the grass and this layer acts as a cushion. 

With artificial grass, new places have been invented where these can be used but where original grass cannot grow.

With natural grass we can only think of it to be growing in a garden outside or inside your house but with fake grass you can literally put it anywhere like under your sink in the toilet or in your rooftop garden or even use it as your backdrop at parties.

  1. It’s Actually Environmental Friendly

Since this is a fake grass so it really doesn’t require watering thus saving water plus it keeps the bugs away, so there isn’t a need for pesticides which are doubted to have a link with cancers. 

Source: https://unsplash.com/photos/X0flzW2kaIo

  1. Most of the Sports Fields Use Them, They Have Become Extremely Popular

Trust me you wouldn’t even have spotted that the grass is fake from sitting in the audience at any sports field, its looks that real but in reality it’s not. In most playing fields its fake turf.

  1. It Isn’t Flammable

If there’s a fire this fake turf will only melt and not catch fire and spread it thus we can say it’s safe too.

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