Boat Roofed Shed – winning Shed of the year changed my life

A Nice little update from Alex Holland him of the upturned boat shed.

I was fortunate enough to be the overall winner of the 2013 Shed Of The Year competition with my ‘Boat Roofed Shed‘.

Doing so has changed my life for the better! It is like being the President of the United States in that you retain your title. I often hear “Didn’t you win ‘Shed of the Year’? ” which is not a bad thing to be remembered for….

I am also a practicing disc jockey and in last years Glastonbury Festival program my listing (for DJ Badly) said “winner of the Shed of the Year no less” which made me immensely proud of the accolade.

Winning has also led to fine new friendships, comedy shows, gigs and charitable ‘open shed days’ all in our little corner of Mid Wales.

It has also led us into a rental business via Airbnb and a new career direction for my good self.

Do enter your shed as it is the taking part and not just the winning that makes Shed of the Year such a good thing…

Well done Wilco, following that idea in the pub has lead to all sorts of good things…. Long may it continue. X Alex

If you have a great follow up story about your shed then contact me

By Andrew Wilcox

I love sheds Founder & judge of Shed of the year - Wilco writes mainly about sheds. About the blog Enter your shed into #shedoftheyear


  1. Thank you for your kind comments Lloyd. Do come and stay if you are ever in Wales!
    All the best

  2. It was such a glorious, wonderful shed, and you came off as such a charming, wonderful person when I heard you on the CBC, it is not at all surprising!

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