Welcome to the shed of the year 2014 judges

George Clarke and The Shed of the Year

This year is a bit different as the judging of the category winners will be done on camera for Channel 4 –  and the winner will be announced on the show!!

so here is a brief bit about this years judges, that you need to impress with your sheds

Do welcome them.

George Clarke

George clarkes Micro Designs 1 Caravan

George Clarke is an architect, writer and  lecturer, who is the presenter of several very successful series for television, including Channel 4’s Restoration Man, TheGreat British Property Scandal and George Clarke’s Amazing Spaces. George will love any sheds that include an element of clever design. He has also just built an uber shed in his garden, complete with a butterfly room.


Max McMurdo


Max McMurdo is an obsessive upcycler – from shopping trolleys to aeroplanes he believes anything can be saved from the scrap heap and transformed. He has appeared in George Clarke’s Amazing Spaces, where he converted a disused shipping container into a garden office as well as creating a kids classroom from two containers at his old school. He is also Kirstie Allsopp’s “Furniture Hacker” on Channel 4’s Fill Your House For Free. Max says: “I love a good shed-based workshop. An inventor’s shed is his castle.” http://www.maxmcmurdo.co.uk/


William Hardie

William Hardie

William Hardie is renowned for his diverse problem solving skills in design and making, specialising in unusual projects that fuse tradition with innovation. He and his team realises George Clarke’s projects in the series George Clarke’s Amazing Spaces. He likes considered design and craftsmanship, as well as anything that is created as a labour of love – however quirky.

The shed for me is the most intriguing part of a house and garden, it is where objects and interests reside that don’t conform to the social, architectural, traditional and fashionable constraints of the home – A garden without a shed is like a man without a beard!


Laura Clark

Laura Jane Clark

Laura Clark is an architect that specialises in transforming quirky places into amazing places to live. She is perhaps best known for her spectacular conversion of a disused public toilet in Crystal Palace into a bijou one-bed flat. http://crystalpalacetoilets.blogspot.co.uk/

Laura has designed several sheds in the past, including several one off commissions. She has also built her own shed and is currently at the design stage of her second. Laura will love any entries that are cleverly and beautifully constructed or with a nod to Alexander Pope and has a slight weakness for glass houses and potting sheds.


of course Last years winner Alex (right( will be a judging along with me (left) 🙂

Two sheddies
Two sheddies

By Andrew Wilcox

I love sheds Founder & judge of Shed of the year - Wilco writes mainly about sheds. About the blog Enter your shed into #shedoftheyear


  1. i think getting Jeremy Clarkeson to blow up the winners shed was a bit rough….lol.

  2. what a great team both film crew, judges sheddies and support family and friend its going to be a great programme. can’t wait.

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