7 Garden Sheds that may look boring on the outside but are brilliant inside

I have been doing the #shedaday posts on twitter and facebook but I thought I would jump on the list bandwagon again after a while.

of course it’s more difficult to get lists done about sheds when they are not seen as sexy or worthy by the people outside of the shedosphere

I love sheds that look like sheds – but of course over the past Seven years of Shed of the year – it’s been proven that the winning shed has to look a bit special – but what about inside?

Here are sheds that look a bit like off the shelf sheds you can buy anywhere – but look what the sheddie has done to them.

  1. Sewing Shed

    sewing shed

    One of my all time favorite sheds as it’s so simple but so stunning.

  2. Disco ShedDiscoShed (Custom)

    Always a popular shed – in it’s second incarnation – normal on the outside a DJ’s Booth on the inside


    An amazing 1950’s American Diner inside daddy-o

  4. Bolton East Signal boxBolton East Signal box

    Every railway enthusiasts dream – your own layout in your shed

  5. Total RewindTotal Rewind VCR Museum Shed (Custom)

    Old metal shed but with a secret – a museum for vintage video recorders who said sheddies are boring

  6. The shed with the chandelier
    The shed with the chandelier (Custom)

    Yes it has a chandelier inside – nuff said

  7. the Three Chickensthe Three Chickens (Custom)

    Difficult choice – but out of the hundreds of pub sheds – this one always catches my eye maybe as it looks just like an old pub I used to go to

Bonus Sheds – of course I could not mention sheds that are different on inside without mentioning the TARDIS sheds

TARDIS sheds

I hope you get some inspiration add your Shed for Shed of the year 2014 over on the main site readersheds.co.uk


By Andrew Wilcox

I love sheds Founder & judge of Shed of the year - Wilco writes mainly about sheds. About the blog Enter your shed into #shedoftheyear

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  1. Really impressive sheds!! I am great music lover, but at times my family gets pissed of by my loud music. I hope I could get a Disco shed in my backyard, where I could play music without any hindrance. Can you please quote the rough price estimates of these garden sheds.

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