First it was Kevin McCloud with his small shed – now George Clarke shows off his Amazing Spaces

Channel 4 are really spoiling sheddies or self builders at the moment – first was the excellent Kevin McCloud goes off grid and builds a shed show , now George Clarke is having a go showing off tiny house style builds – I do hope to see some sheds in the show πŸ™‚

What next shed judge Sarah Beeny recording her next show from your sheds (that would be brilliant btw – channel 4 commissioner’s – me first!)

anyway it starts tonight(Tuesday 23 October 8pm) on Channel 4

George meets a couple who have invested their life savings in the hope of converting a wreck of a bus into a holiday let.

He also sees how an old underground toilet has been transformed into a stunning apartment and how a horsebox has been given a new lease of life as a family holiday home.

And George’s own caravan build gets off to a shaky start as his builder fails to see the potential in this hulk of rusting metal from the 1970s.

Channel 4 has commissioned brand new series George Clarke’s Amazing Spaces which will see the architect celebrate the extraordinary world of small design spaces.

Across Britain there is a small space revolution under way. From sheds to campervans and even shipping containers, people are finding inventive ways of creating beautiful spaces in the most unlikely places.

George Clarke sets out to create his own small hideaway, a secret escape for his family that doesn’t come with the expense of a second home. This series follows George as he searches for, restores and designs his tiny getaway – that British design classic, the caravan.

Throughout the series, George will visit six small builds across the UK and look at other completed micro spaces to get inspiration for his own project. The programme will show how to squeeze rooms into spaces you never thought possible and demonstrate how you don’t have to blow the budget to get an amazing second home.


Packed full of inspirational design ideas and some of the characters behind them, this series explains how finding just an extra few square feet can open up a world of possibilities and completely change your life in the process.

George Clarke’s Amazing Spaces was commissioned by Features Commissioning Editor Kate Teckman and is a Plum Pictures production, executive produced by Will Daws. The 6X60 series will air on Channel 4 later this year.

Kate Teckman, commissioning editor said: “This series couldn’t be more timely and shows that people can have big dreams and ambitions for the smallest of spaces. We can all still aspire to a having our own private getaway – it may just be a bit rusty and come on wheels. I defy anyone not to log onto Ebay in search for a caravan after they’ve watched the programme.”

Will Daws said: “The spaces that people are building with may be small but, as George is discovering, their dreams and their plans are anything but.”

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By Andrew Wilcox

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  1. So beautiful a shed, but I think it is a little small, and it can withstand the storm if it happens? Thus, in my eyes, they are nice shed in the summer, I am afraid they are not enough warm in the winter.

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