The end is in sight for entry to Shed of the year 2012 : Closes May 20th 2012

The time has gone so quickly the past few weeks – but now it’s getting serious you now have less than 2 weeks to get your shed onto – with a few photos and info on your shed build.

Public voting will start two weeks today on the 21st May – each shed page will have a Vote button – so feel free to vote for as many sheds as you want – the votes will not display on the shed pages – I will have them locked up in old safe in my shed.

Once the voting ends – I will tally up the votes for the sheds in each of the categories

 [Normal ] [Eco ] [Garden Office] [Cabin/Summerhouse] [Workshop/Studio] [Unique] [Pub] [Tardis]

and then the winner in each category will then go on to shed of the year judges to make a decision which amazing structure is Shed of the year 2012 and that will be announced during shed Week 2012 – starting July 2nd 🙂

The winner will not only get the title of shed of the year – but £1000 prize from our sponsors cuprinol – the runners up will not retreat to their sheds empty handed – they will get some great Cuprinol products to keep their shed in top nick for the coming year.

Shed judges for 2012 are Sarah Beeny , Neil Gaiman, Alex from shedworking, Shed of the year 2011 Winner Jon Earl and me – uncle wilco.

So good luck to entrants old and new, including some of these great sheds added recently – this years quality of sheds has been amazing – each year you sheddies just not only bring your humour and good natured rivalry but your great love of that building down the bottom of the garden – of course we all know which we know is not just that 🙂


Seb’s Office

Seb's Office - Henry Posner
Henry Posner

Crafty Palace

Redhill, Surrey


If Banksy was Skint, The Stencil Shed.

Malmesbury, Wiltshire

Shed-dingham Palace

Shed-dingham Palace - Michelle Hides
Michelle Hides
Bottom of the garden

Shed to Match the Greenhouse

Shed to Match the Greenhouse - Nigel Walters
Nigel Walters
Wombleton, N Yorks

Mick’s Cabin

Mick's Cabin - Val Brookes
Val Brookes
Garden, South Birmingham uk

The Royal Retreat

Amy Williams
In the Garden, Aiskew, NorthYorkshire

Lily Beach

Nick Munson
Dovercourt Beach

By Andrew Wilcox

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