Shed.TV Wonderful HDR Time Lapse Garden Shed

Alexander Thornton has done this great time lapse video of a garden shed

HDR Time Lapse Garden Shed from Alexander Thornton on Vimeo.

Here he explains the process

The shed shot came around after I looked out my kitchen window into the garden, it was quite late in the day so the sun was getting quite low and was casting some really nice and interesting shadows across the shed, as well the colour tones at that time of day just happened to be particularly beautiful, the main purpose for me was to capture all of these elements in the time lapse, so I used a high dynamic range in order to push the amount of shadow, highlight and mid tone detail, so that I could achieve a very saturated, surreal and almost painted look to the overall image.

My favourite part of the time lapse has to be at the end as the detail on the shed really comes out, you have this patchy vivid green paint that has slowly worn over time, the crack in the frosty perspex with ghostly outlines of what the shed contains and finally the decaying roof, which has on multiple occasions been repaired.

and for the techheads – here’s how he did it.

I used the canon 550D with the 17-40mm lens, at 17mm with an f6.7, shutter of 1/45 and iso of 100, as it was HDR I did an AEB bracket of 2ev stops under and over to get the dynamic range, it took between 2 to 3 hours to complete as I used about a 10 second interval between shots but also the speed I had it moving at, was about 0.15 inch per movement.

The motion control I used was the stage zero dolly by dynamic perception and the total length of movement in the time lapse is roughly 6 foot.

A little bit about Alex

I am a devon based videographer and time lapse photographer, I freelance for local directors mainly specialising in lighting and time lapse for music videos, short films and corporate videos. My Vimeo home page and Tumblr

By Andrew Wilcox

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