The time has come – here are the Category winners for Shed of the year 2011 including TARDIS, Pub, Office and unique sheds

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After over 1570 sheds entered this years competition – and we had 11,000 votes by you the wonderful shed public.

Many thanks for all the entrants this year – some brilliant sheds – and it was hard fought at the end.

I have done the maths and the following sheds are going through to the final of Shed of the year 2011.

Normal Shed

Mysterious Shed Birgit Gova,Four Oaks, West Midlands

Mysterious Shed Birgit Gova,Four Oaks, West Midlands

Eco Shed

The Ark Chris,Wiltshire


Garden Office

Calum’s Shed (Mary’s Meals International HQ) Mary’s Meals,Craig Lodge, Dalmally, Argyll

Calum's  Shed


pretty pink palace mags ambler,garden

Pretty Pink Palace


songs from the shed Jon Earl,Clevedon N Somerset This shed is Shed of the year 2011

Songs from the shed



Pop's Dinner

Pub Shed

The George & The Dragon George Blackwell,Maidenhead

George & the dragon


BlueBox Type 40 John Williams,Newport, South Wales

Blue Box


The Bygones Museum, GT Yarmouth, Norfolk

Bygones Museum

A great selection of sheddies from all over the UK Wales, Scotland and England this year – they are all amazing.

I will provide a top 5 sheds in each category so the other sheddies can see how they have done when I have the time in the coming weeks.

We had the most votes this year – in part thanks to the sheddies promoting their sheds on the various social networks –

So well done the sheddies who have made it to the judging panel – the winning shed will be announced during Shed Week 2011 – which starts on the 4th July – if you are doing anything special for shed week then contact me.

I would like to say thanks to the following people for their enthusiasm for this years competition, the Judges (Beeny, Gordon & Alex) and not forgetting last years winner Reg Miller for his constant love & promotion of sheds and good humor.

For the prizes and support and massive help with media and understanding of my strange ways – so big thanks to Cuprinol and the girls at Graying.

I look forward to Shed Week – and if you think you have a better shed than these sheddies (I dare you!) then sign up to be told when Entry is open for Shed of the year 2012.

By Andrew Wilcox

I love sheds Founder & judge of Shed of the year - Wilco writes mainly about sheds. About the blog Enter your shed into #shedoftheyear


  1. shame it was a voting competition and not judged purely on merit/style etc, everyone knows how vote competitions can be cheated to gain the most votes (I am not saying it has in this instance) but vote comps are nothing but popularity contests thats why many decent companies will not run them now, due to world wide vote exchanges, people buying votes for as little as 1p on the net and software that can beat ANY system to prevent cheating, companies, such as vauxhaull, orange, asda, flip video, tesco, ryvita to name but a tiny few simply will not do voting comps to decide winners now due to mass cheating, as it brings bad attention to the brand and people all over the internet are sick to the back teeth of being spammed for votes…………just something to consider for next years competition, to make it fair to all who enter as some may have a fab shed but few social friends and is that right for them to miss out just because they dont know as many as some entrants………I could enter a wooden shell and win because I had the most votes, even voting top 5 or 10 to then be judged still creates a divide to those without many friends or social nettworking knowledge….just something to chew on 😉

  2. Hi I would like the mysterious shed to win, as this is just pure beauty, real life, it's a old shed in a gorgeous place, I really hope you win B x x x

  3. Personally I think they are all great, but my vote goes to the Eco Shed. I just like the look of it and the planning on the roof.


  4. well done to all winners great sheds .i was just wandering why judges were needed to judge the sheds when it seems the shed with the most votes got through judgeing needed just votes,.

  5. I think the sheds should be handbuilt; Anyone can buy a shed from a company and put loads of stuff in it…the real skill is a bit of unique foresight and an individual design.
    Also I agree with other comments…after the amount of effort we've all put in we want to know how many votes we had.
    One more thought, if you added your shed ages ago you are bound to have more votes than someone who added only a month ago…was this considered..??

  6. I think the diner is great but surely it isn'y actually a garden shed. It is very big. I like the Tardis and the way it has been built on steps. I also like the pink one as it looks very welcoming to little kiddies. Well done every one and good luck to the finalists.

  7. Thanks to everyone who voted for my shed.Unfortunately I can't make myself a granite plaque with Uncle Wilko's shed of the year 2011 on but there was some quality competition this year.Well done to all the category winners! Geraint Whiteman of the Masons arms.

  8. Yep well done. I want the diner to win just because I'm in the unique category and didn't get through… so at I could say I lost to the overall winner!
    Must try harder for next year!!!

  9. Well done to you all, I have to agree with Garry, that is one cool diner. Never seen anything quite like that in a garden shed before, it has to win. The Three Lion's will be back in the mix next year, cheers everyone and well done again. Jamie, 3 lions landlord!

  10. I Will be displaying the top5 sheds in each category at some point.

    I wont be displaying the actual votes – as that would be unfair for the sheds lower down the list.

    thanks for taking part sheddies.

    1. Hi there, As a contestant, I would like to know the vote count for the sheds as this will give us a clear indication of how we fared and where we need to lift our game. I had a lot of hits on my cabin and would like to gauge the hits in comparison to the votes received. Sorry, but I cant agree with this being unfair to others when some of us made concerted efforts to compete. You are welcome to do it discreetly to us individuals, but I sure would like to know my score?

      1. I agree, I think having a transparent view of the votes would help to see how well the sheds did in the contest.

        I think those that got fewer votes will get over it.. but only after years of torment and heart ache.. 🙂

    2. Strange philosophy 'it would be unfair for the sheds lower down'? How low down?
      Lets have some openess and honesty here.
      If I came bottom I wanna know, I'm a grown up, I can deal with it.
      If I want to win, I need to know where I stand otherwise we are all operating in the dark.
      Turn the blooming light on!

  11. How many voted did the various sheds get? Would be great to know how close it was!

  12. Thanks Uncle Wilco!! Delighted!!

    Congratulations to all the other category winners and good luck in the final. May the best shed win!

  13. It would be nice to know the actual number of votes for each shed entered!

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