Johnny Vegas stars in BBC Radio 4 shed based comedy with Dr Who – TARDIS actress Suranne Jones

Stick artistry by Johnny on the beach in Robin Hood's Bay where we recorded the series

Here’s the preamble for the new comedy radio wossname Shedtown on Radio 4 which starts 1st June at 23:00

Update: I ask if they had a press shot for the radio but the nice people at Woolyback sent me a photo that Johnny made, on the beach at Robin Hood's Bay where they recorded the series..

Who hasn’t thought about running away from it all at some time or other? Throwing caution to the wind, wrenching oneself out of a long established orbit to head for the deep space of the unknown?

Barry (Tony Pitts) and Jimmy (Kevin Eldon) haven’t. Until now. Friends since school days in a small town, they find themselves slipping inexorably and almost unconsciously into middle age.

Shedtown is a dream born out of quiet desperation. Throughout the series our wooden icon of escape and isolation ‘the shed’ becomes a symbol of possibility and change; a new community by the sea where our heroes can circumnavigate the mundane, once and for all.

It’s the works day out for the workers of Blakeley Industrial Museum – and something’s got to change.

Johnny Vegas heads the cast of a new Radio 4 comedy series – about the joys of living in a shed

The funnyman made the four-part series Shedtown – about a community living in sheds on a beach – with his own production company, Woolyback.

It also stars Suranne Jones who was cast as the TARDIS in the recent Neil Gaiman Episode of Dr Who.

I will be listening again – hope you will and remember you have a few days left to Vote for your favourite shed over at for Shed of the year 2011 – Sheds must be in fashion if the good old BBC has commissioned a show about them 😉

thanks to @mrsunclewilco and @madbrin for the headsup on this news

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