My Sheddie : are you my sheddie?

Trying to revisit this insight into what makes a sheddie- for the run up for shedweek 2011 – so if you want to feature then contact me.

I need information on you and why you love your shed and why you shared your shed – I will provide you with a link to a form for you to fill in and you need an image of yourself if possible.

Some previous my sheddies include

My Sheddie : Penny & 4 The Railway Carriages

My Sheddie : Peter Mclaren Pool Hoose

My Sheddie : Workshop Andy

My sheddie – Reg and the Lady Sarah

My Sheddie : Alan Mynall & Shed A Little Light

My Sheddie : Rob from Allotment Winery


Take a look and take part

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By Andrew Wilcox

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