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As running readersheds is a essential a one man show in my spare time (Well me and my shed with tea provided by mrsuw) it’s sometimes difficult to keep getting the message out to the sheddies.

This years Sponsors Cuprinol have a great team promoting it to future sheddies and the media, but you my existing sheddies are so tech savvy nowadays you need the shed news streaming into your shed at all hours of the day 😉

so Iam really relaying on the power of Social media to keep in touch with the latest shed gossip and competition news this year – which of course is the 5th annual Shed Week we have run on (10 years old as well)

The quickest way is via Twitter – I have two accounts

the latest being @shedweek – I will post the latest news on sheds in the run up to Shed Week 2011 and when sheddies add new photos to their sheds – it will highlight them, so useful for having a nose at your competition.

@unclewilco – is my personal account so will include beer as well as sheds – so up to you – I know the Pub Shed sheddies are always up for beer talk 😉

We have a much neglected facebook page but Iam working on it!

I have just started a vote on and it’s getting a good response.

We are also looking for someone with some spare time in their shed to post interesting articles to it (so contact me if you want to help out) or just post them to the Wall – just like last years Shed of the year winner Reg (Cheers Captain for you great support as always)

The third method is by olden days signing up to our Shed News letter and Shed Forum – in the Run up to shed week I will try and send out weekly emails – if people want.

anyway – Follow Us, Like Us and most of all love sheds! – oh and Share your Shed if you have not done already

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By Andrew Wilcox

I love sheds Founder & judge of Shed of the year - Wilco writes mainly about sheds. About the blog Enter your shed into #shedoftheyear