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The workshop shed is something which before the Phenomenal rise of the pub shed were the most looked at sheds on readersheds.

They are the corner stone of what is great about sheds and now with the equally wonderfull Studio sheds – here are some of my favorites that any potential sheddie can take some tips from.

Jazzy Lily

Jazzy Lily - Pauline
Aylesbury Bucks

The Den

The Den - Twilsley Wingnut
Twilsley Wingnut

Fred’s Shed

Fred's Shed - Fred
My Garden in Yorkshire

Sandy’s Craft Shed

Sandy's Craft Shed - Sandy J
Sandy J
By the river in Sleepy Suffolk


shedology - rik martin
rik martin
new malden/surrey

The Raucous Retreat

Fin Raucous
A leafy back garden somewhere in Glasgow

Gypsy’s Retreat

Gypsy's Retreat - Janet Althoff
Janet Althoff
Southern Illinois, USA

Tea House

Tea House - wurrows

Dobbies Den

Dobbies Den - Len Dobson
Len Dobson

Dingly Dell

Dingly Dell - Amanda Goode (Princess Tat of Tinkle Shed)
Amanda Goode (Princess Tat of Tinkle Shed)


34B - Mike

Clivey’s Shed

Clivey's Shed - Clive Batkin
Clive Batkin

some wide styles there I think you would agree – so If you have a Workshop were everything is in it’s place or a studio shed that show how crafty you are – why not Share it for Shed of the year 2011!

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By Andrew Wilcox

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