Shed of the year 2011 – Whats sort of sheds should we have?

wilco shed lock

wilco shed lock

We have had a wonderful shed week and Shed of the year and Iam thinking about next years competition already , so before I open up entry for 2011 Shed of the year in a few weeks.

I was thinking of cutting the categorys back to simplify the site and make it less confusing (yes and a redesign next year) currently we have the following shed categorys which seem to overlap in certain areas.

[Garden Office]

I would like to set up the categorys like this

Normal Shed – Wooden sheds merged into this category.
Eco Shed
Garden Office
Cabin/Summerhouse – Cabin and Summerhouse merged in one category
Workshop/Studio – Workshop and Studio merged in one category
Pub Shed
Other – Not sure about this one – maybe merged it with Normal – or call normal “Garden Shed”

What do you sheddies think – thanks wilco

By Andrew Wilcox

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