Shed of the year 2011 – Whats sort of sheds should we have?

wilco shed lock

wilco shed lock

We have had a wonderful shed week and Shed of the year and Iam thinking about next years competition already , so before I open up entry for 2011 Shed of the year in a few weeks.

I was thinking of cutting the categorys back to simplify the site and make it less confusing (yes and a redesign next year) currently we have the following shed categorys which seem to overlap in certain areas.

[Garden Office]

I would like to set up the categorys like this

Normal Shed – Wooden sheds merged into this category.
Eco Shed
Garden Office
Cabin/Summerhouse – Cabin and Summerhouse merged in one category
Workshop/Studio – Workshop and Studio merged in one category
Pub Shed
Other – Not sure about this one – maybe merged it with Normal – or call normal “Garden Shed”

What do you sheddies think – thanks wilco

By Andrew Wilcox

I love sheds Founder & judge of Shed of the year - Wilco writes mainly about sheds. About the blog Enter your shed into #shedoftheyear


  1. & theres more,

    Voting might be improved by letting the public re-vote when they stumble across a shed they like more …. several hundred sheds later through the pages. If they've already placed their vote because they saw something they thought couldn't be beaten then it's too late to change their minds.

    As us sheddies improve and tweak our sheds, our photo's get better, it would be great to be able to delete photo's that we've now improved upon. or perhaps you can already delete photo's and I've missed it.

    1. Jez you can vote for multiple sheds anyway in each category or how even many you want..

      in terms of the sheds photo Iam working on a new sheddieadmin to allow better control of the images – so watch this space!

      thanks and good luck next year!

      1. I understand that you can already vote for multiple sheds but a shed can only belong to one category. I would say that many of the sheds on the readersheds site are multi functional and don't easily or obviously fit into a single category.

        From a programming point of view, this wouldn't be difficult to achieve, but would be a radical change in the way votes are collected.

        Just throwing ideas in the pot.

  2. Another thought might be to allow voters to decide which category a shed should belong to. I really didn't know whether to enter my shed 'The Shed' as a, Pub shed, Cabin, or Unique. You could possibly even drop several existing categories and create one 'Multi function' category with new sub categories listed within it, the public could then tick whichever sub category they feel best suits what they're looking at.

    Good place to work 0 to 10
    Good place to relax 0 to 10
    Good place to entertain 0 to 10
    Total Hobby house
    Kids room

  3. I think its a good idea myself, good to have fewer categories. Maybe unique and other could share the same category as if a shed is unique then its not categorisable so it'd go under 'other'?
    Agree with wooden shed going into normal shed, but not sure if that should be garden shed, not sure if they'd strictly be the same? Hmmm.
    Good stuff though.
    Have a new website for Fort Cox as its a gallery now, check out!!!

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