The @Shedman is back at Shedbury for shedweek on

Enough Sheds in that title for you? you will be sick of the word shed this time next week 🙂 of course you wont…!!

Our old shed friend John Davies AKA shedman has a great video from his stuff he has been doing the last two shed weeks at Ledbury Poetry Festival, we wish him like again this year – and if you see him shout SHEDWEEK at him!

Shedbury from Terrier TV on Vimeo.

Shedman (aka writer and poet John Davies) – the unique literary sideshow and festival funster – has spent the last two National Shed Weeks at England’s Ledbury Poetry Festival where people come to muse with him about all things shed, shedness and the unbearable heaviness of shedding.

To coincide with Shed Week 2010, Shedman presents the first cut of ‘Shedbury’, a video compilation of the people he’s met at the festival.

‘Shedbury’ is a curiously fascinating take on English life, seen through a wooden prism and told through a series of interviews, stories and poems recorded at the festival in 2008 and 2009.

Here you can find the whole film already assembled, but it will also be available shortly as an eight part self-assembly kit. Please make sure you have all the parts and there are no items missing:

1 Childhood Memories
2 A man needs a shed
3 She’s there
4 Innocence and Experience
5 Absence and Loss
6 Order and Law
7 Sheds at War
8 Feather, fur and fin

Enjoy the strangely enchanting world of Shedbury – and over the next few weeks catch up with some more special sequences including ‘Size matters’.

You can also watch a short profile of Ledbury Poetry Festival presented by people who have been very involved in its development and organisation.

Shed on Shedbury!

here’s a reminder of the poem he did for us a few years back

Encomium* for Shed Week

In Shedbury they’re celebrating the winners of Shedweek,

flags and bunting deck the streets and houses of Shedwick;

Sheddingham resounds to the cheers of sheddie folk

and Bedfordshire has change its name to extend the joke.

In allotments, along the tracks, the sheds of Britain amass

to join the chorus of salute to the winners of each class.

‘All hail!’ they cry, as thunderclouds deliver another load,

leaving the sheds slightly damp but not at all subdued.

And to you, Tim from Sudbury, the highest accolade:

The Rugby Pub of Suffolk, the finest ever made;

octagonal with roof lights, complete with double doors,

three fridges and a hammock, Shed of the Year is yours.

Upsteps a larch-lapped champion to raise the cry again

across United Sheddom, from every shed and man:

‘To Tim the victor’s laurels, to Tim the winner’s band!

The Rugby Pub of Suffolk is the best shed in the land!’

*High praise in honour of a victor from the Latin!

©Shedman 2008 All rights reserved

By Andrew Wilcox

I love sheds Founder & judge of Shed of the year - Wilco writes mainly about sheds. About the blog Enter your shed into #shedoftheyear

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  1. What a great find! The video on this site is a wonderful example of what might be achieved by those thoughtful enough to want to preserve something of our recent heritage by putting vivid personal recollections like this onto film. Keep up the good work! jbsandown

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