And the Category winners for Shed of the Year 2010 are….

Some great entries for Shed of the year 2010 over at , many thanks Sheddies for all your hard work and thanks to the public who voted for you and your sheds

also a very big thanks to our sponsors Cuprinol for their support in the run up to shed week and of course providing the £1000 prize one of these great sheddies will win.

This year has been as hard fought as ever, and I think sheddies using the cannon of social media (twitter, facebook) seem to have help their shed cause, so I wont say this is the Social Media Shed of the year, as I won’t copy the election & world cup 🙂

This years category winners are in no particular order, but later in the week I will list the top three in each category, once things have calmed down and all the winning category sheddies have got in contact me with.

Once our judges have made up their minds from this amazing bunch of sheds, the Shed of the year winner will be announced during Shed Week 2010 (which starts 5th July)

Pub Shed Category

The 3 Steps Garry,Ayrshire

Workshop Category

Junkaholic’s weaving + sewing shed Artemis Russell,South East London,


Unique Category

The Lady Sarah Out of Worthing Reg Miller,Southend-on-Sea, Essex,

Wooden Category

Frankenshed PennyTwo,Allotment in Oxfordshire



In The Shed Nicola Brown, Shrewsbury

TARDIS Category

Tims Tardis Tim Bowden,Stockport

Tim's Tardis

Normal Shed Category
Mini Jeff Dave Jones,Cardiff, Wales

Mini Jeff

Eco Shed Category

Ecopod Tim Massey, Knutsford, Cheshire


Garden Office Category

One Grand Designs Shed Dominic Jones, Liverpool

One Grand design

Hut Category

Beach Shed Sarah Parr,On the beach in Swanage dorset

Other Category

Uisge Betha Jamie Ashworth,Garden, Lancashire
uisge Betha

Cabin Category

Naval Museum Stephen Griffin, Garden

naval museum

Summerhouse Category

Pebble Hideaway Marie,Bromley, Kent

The top 3 Sheds in each category

Pub category






Normal Shed

Eco Shed

Garden Office





By Andrew Wilcox

I love sheds Founder & judge of Shed of the year - Wilco writes mainly about sheds. About the blog Enter your shed into #shedoftheyear


  1. Third Year in the top 3, but wouldnt want the press coverage of 1st, well done to all you pub sheddies, we are a wonder to so many.

  2. Oh man I came second!!!!!!! Agonisingly close!!!!!!!!!!!
    This time next year, just you wait!!!!!!!! Hahaha

    Good luck everyone!

    1. you bet ya, we must organise a virtual darts match between ourselves

  3. Come on wilco please put us out of our mysery, we need to know the top five of each catergory and it to be put in a blog, all our hard work campaigning needs a conclusion x the Landlady of the Forge and Flagon x

      1. Right back at ya Mandy. Well done again. Your 3rd year and my 2nd in the top Pub sheds!!

  4. when will the top 5 in each category be announced. I'm dying to know if I made it into the top 5.

    p.s. Many congrats to the 3 Steps in the Pub shed category!!

  5. Well?
    I can't believe it, I didn't win? How did that happen?
    Maybe we are all thinking that. Cos we love our sheds.
    I've already won cos my shed has given me so much more than one would expect from a 'shed'
    I suspect many of us have discovered that also


  6. Good luck to you all From Marie at pebbleHideaway, there are so many wonderful sheds everyone has a worthy winner! and is a Winner! Whatever may happen we all know one thing.."We Love Our Sheds"__Good Luck…

  7. I LOVE the pirate shed! Never seen anything like it. A lot of good sheds this year but this ones my favourite!

  8. These guys all put my garden shed to shame, I think it needs far more than a re-stain. I want one of those Eco Pods!

  9. Jez your shed is amazing, Reg the Lady Sarah out of Worthing is awesome, looks like a geat place to spend the summer evenings sitting out on the deck, my son loves it as well,hes into pirates just now. cheers guys

  10. Thanks everyone for voting for the 3 steps pub shed. Great line up of finalists, good luck everyone and may the best shed win 🙂

  11. WIN..or..LOOSE or DRAW I'm sure the one thing we all have in common is looking forward to a REST in our sheds when this is all over…..WE ARE ALL WINNERS…..RESPECT TO YOU ALL…..CAPTAIN.F. of THE LADY SARAH OUT OF WORTHING……..we lucky

  12. Hats-off to Garry and 'The 3 Steps' I'm going to have to copy it, call it the 3 & a half steps and try again next year, brilliant 'Pub' shed, well done and really enjoyed the competition too. Jez Walter 'The Shed'

  13. Well done everyone. But I do have to add…


    Will have to try harder next year!!!


  14. LOVE The Summer House..Pebble Hideaway in Kent..It looks so Cosy and inviting.. Congratulations to Marie..Very worthy winner !!!

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