The father or mother of all sheds – the workshop shed – for all your tinkering needs

Workshop sheds are still some of my favorite sheds on, even though the number is not as many as for example the pub sheds.

But being useless at DIY or building anything from starch I have always had an admiration for anyone who can tinker away in their shed and come out with a finished wossname or widget or something.. I used to play around with a lathe in school and my Dad was an engineer with his own lathes/drilling machines and welding in his industrial unit (no room for a shed), but I never was that way inclined.

So here are some great workshop sheds entered for the competition of course nowadays it’s not all swarf and arc welding and we have crafters in their sheds as well.

the home of ted & agnes…

the home of ted & agnes... - rachelle blondel
rachelle blondel
yorkshire dales

Fort Cox

Fort Cox - Greg Cox
Greg Cox
London N16

dad’s shed

dad's shed - Ian Williams
Ian Williams

Clivey’s Shed

Clivey's Shed - Clive Batkin
Clive Batkin

the workshop

the workshop - John Sswift
John Sswift
Radstock, Bath

Shed one of five!

Shed one of five! - Eddie Jefferies
Eddie Jefferies


34B - Mike

The Studio

The Studio - sue hazell
sue hazell
United Kingdom

Dad’s Shed !

Dad's Shed ! - Lucky Luke
Lucky Luke


JJ's - John Jackson
John Jackson
East Yorkshire

My Comfort Zone

My Comfort Zone - Clive in Cornwall
Clive in Cornwall
Rear garden

marks shed

marks shed - mark
bridport dorset

Man Cave

Man Cave - Dave D
Dave D

Thurgarton Iron Works

Thurgarton Iron Works - Richard king
Richard king
North Norfolk


Spark - Peter

cottage in the woods

cottage in the woods - Alan Willey
Alan Willey
My garden

I wont mention long term supporter of workshops sheds and readerheds Andy, as I know he does not want the recognition ๐Ÿ˜‰

By Andrew Wilcox

I love sheds Founder & judge of Shed of the year - Wilco writes mainly about sheds. About the blog Enter your shed into #shedoftheyear


  1. Ah, the competition!!! Hehe. Workshop sheds are my favourite!! Alan Willey's shed is awesome, he'd definately get my vote if… I wasn't in the contest myself!
    Got photographed by The Mirror the other day, but don't know when its going to come out, should start buying it really!
    VOTE FORT COX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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