Look to the stars from a shed in Cardiff

Cardiff astronomical society is getting a new observatory and this is what Grahame Carter Observatory project manager said

“The observatory will be based on shed design with a roll off roof these are not uncommon in the amateur observatory word and even some semi professional observers utilise the humble shed for observatories
to see many examples please take a look at the place we are getting ours from, all the details can be found there

The New shed will look like this French version.

astronomical observatory

If you are after a smaller one for your garden our friends over at Taylors Garden Buildings have two types of shed observatory they make.

The trumpet of truth reports.

VISITORS to an historic house and gardens will soon be seeing stars after plans were approved for an astronomical observatory.

But if you’re concerned that the new building will overshadow the delights of Dyffryn Gardens, have no fear.

The proposal is for a structure that looks like a glorified garden shed – albeit one with a sliding roof.

Despite appearances, Cardiff Astronomical Society says the new observatory has everything needed for studying the wonders of the heavens.

It is part of an education programme at Dyffryn Gardens aiming to attract more visitors to the St Nicholas venue.

The main enclosed part of the observatory will include an observing area with a telescope and a computer room.

Grahame Carter, observatory project manager for Cardiff Astronomical Society, said: “Having lost its observatory in the 1970s, the society has been looking to locate a new observatory in a suitable location.

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  1. From a dream back in February to reality the observatory is opening it doors at 11 am on September the 11th 2010 at Dyffryn gardens Cardiff so members and public can get their first glimpse of the new facility.


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