Can you have beer and curry in your Pub shed & take a donation?

A concerned sheddie emailed this query.. but I don’t have an answer any sheddies care to comment

Cross Keys pub
Creative Commons License photo credit: markhillary

Could you clarify the ruling on the drinking within a pub shed, every first Wednesday in the month I have approx 20 friends around and we have a royal time!

Every one contributes £10, this covers the beer and we also lay on a curry. I have been warned by a friend that this is maybe breaking the law as it could be said that I am selling the beer and food.

He advised me to put up a sign saying “all drinks are free, donations are greatly received” and this covers me legally?

This is a very informal drinks night, no profit is made but my concern is that the local pubs may take the hump and report to who ever, have you had any dealings or similar questions from other pubshed owners

Any help?

By Andrew Wilcox

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