If you want to get a new shed in Time for Xmas you need to get your order in now

We would all love a new shed for Xmas but you need to get your order in with certain suppliers today or tomorrow, I will probably get a new shed in 2010 – maybe get it bespoke – with large portholes and maybe a turret- or just 8X10 shed with an apex roof , depends how I feel

Capitol Grotto
Creative Commons License photo credit: Mooganic

Garden Buildings Directsay

Please ensure that you order before midday on the 16th December to receive delivery of your product in time for Christmas. Products with extended lead times may not be available for delivery before Christmas. If you are uncertain about delivery or availability of items, please call our sales team on 08001696016 for more information.

Take advantage of our market leading prices this christmas, before the VAT rise.

Taylors Garden Buildingssay

“For the majority of our sheds tommmorrow (16th dec) is the last day. However for
10×8, 8×6, and 6×4 we able to deliver right up until christmas eve
midday within east anglia.”

Shed Store

If you wish to order yet your chosen product’s cut-off date has passed please contact us without delay. We are happy to assist upon an individual order basis in an attempt to gain last-minute delivery slots, more info here.

By Andrew Wilcox

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