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We love International Sheds here on the shedblog and here are two great Spanish Sheds – be nice to be in the shed in the sun I would think.

nudest zone, in vera playa spain

the cabin is at the top end of the car park in the nudest zone at vera playa beach resort and is going to be a snack bar, the carpentry was carried out by myself with occasional HELP

El Cabello Negro

Its a 9 x 7,12mm t and g shed with a pitch roof, quality tiled floor,just completed tonge and groove panneling the whole inside, looking great. Bar is now in. ive tiled the top and edged it with timber. Ive installed a Twin barrell super chiller under the bar which can run two barrells, ive got Estrella going in and one other to be decided. Ive ordered the gas and have got it all being piped up this month ready for my 40th Birthday on July 1st in. TV and satelite dish installation this weekend ready for the grand prix.Im really proud of this one, i had one before called the collington Arms in East Sussex and now having moved to Spain wanted to continue ShedPubing

By Andrew Wilcox

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  1. 'Cobertizo' is the nearest really in Spanish for shed but that doesn't do justice to these marvellous build.

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