Shed Year 2010 Charity Bletchley Park gets some cash – more needed

The Beeb and others reports

Bletchley Park in Buckinghamshire, the top secret code-breaking hub of World War II, has been awarded nearly £500,000 of lottery funds.

The development money from the Heritage Lottery Fund will help the historic site become a world heritage and educational centre.

It is the first step towards a target of £10m to completely revamp the site.

Carole Souter, chief executive of the Heritage Lottery Fund, said: “Bletchley Park is an extraordinary part of the UK’s heritage.

“The Heritage Lottery Fund’s initial support for the Trust’s restoration plans demonstrates our belief that Bletchley’s story should be much more widely known and appreciated.

“We also recognise the importance of preserving the site as a tribute to the men and women who worked there with quiet and tireless dedication during World War Two.

“Without their dedication, our nation’s history might have been a very different one.”

Well done to the team at #bpark Lets make it a trend on twitter (again) and get more cash for this important part of British (and world) history and heritage.

If you sheddies have any money raising ideas as of course Bletchley Park is our official charity for Shed Week 2010 involving enigma machines, sheds or funny hats then let me know (funny hats not needed)

By Andrew Wilcox

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