Shed Photo of the Year update

You may have remembered that Andrew Culture won our Shed Week Photo Comp with his great B & W shot of an allotment shed.


Well I have finally been able to track him down, so over to him!

This is me in my own shed (just after I had built it)


The inspiration behind my interest in sheds is a fascination of how we carve out tiny pieces of this planet and claim them as our own.

The truth is I don’t actually have much in my shed, everything in there belongs to my wife as she’s the real gardener. I just like to stand in the shed and survey the allotment.

The winning shed photo is of a good friend’s shed down at the allotment, it’s a bit more representative of a proper allotment shed as it’s a bit ‘Heath Robinson’ and our shed was built from a kit.

Our previous allotment shed was made up of four posts knocked into the ground, and four walls of weatherboarding reclaimed from a derelict plot elsewhere on the allotments. It regularly blew down.

We seem to accidentally collect sheds, in addition to the shed at the allotment we have had three at home, we now only have two as one was gifted to a friend who needed somewhere to store his moth watching equipment.

I am a writer and photographer –

My wife is a ‘classically trained’ gardener, she served her apprenticeship caring for the listed gardens at a local stately home, she keeps a blog here

>> Thanks Andrew, of course do you think you lot can be top Shed photo for Next year, then please add the photo to our Flickr Group now.

By Andrew Wilcox

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