Everybody Wants To View … the Punks not Dad

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Everyone’s favorite middle aged punk band Punks not dad with a shed leaning and of course the blokes who come up with the shed anthem & official song for shed week, that is “In Me Shed” may have hit the 14000000000000 (Fourteen thousand) views mark on youtube by the time you read this, if not then why not view the video in full not just the bit about Lisa Rogers.

You can also read an interview with the band which took place after their dadstock gig

They will be appearing with the The Sex Pistols Experience at Cardiff Barfly next Friday.

last plug you can Still buy the single IN me Shed from various online shops as a MP3 download, amazon and Apple’s Itunes

If you are a band/musician that’s into sheds then contact me and I will feature your Youtube clip on Shed.TV

By Andrew Wilcox

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