Just Sheds : Straw bale sheds

We have a few Straw related sheds on the site but these two caught my eye.



The Strawdio was built out of Strawbales and is a hybrid “loadbearing” and timber supported structure. The roof is Wild Flower Meadow sitting on a pond liner. I made it myself with the help of an army of volunteers over 2 years after going on some courses with Barbara of amazon Nails.

the straw bale shed

The owner James does not give much info on the build, only this sheddiebabble!! 😉

May be extended underground at some point to start subterranean ‘base’…actually I would be interested to hear if anyone has used their shed as a starting point to dig underground. If the shed is conceived as a ‘retreat’, then it seems to me that psychologically the next step is to withdraw secretively into the earth itself. No?


By Andrew Wilcox

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