Lady sheddies want more glam in their Sheds

The Press Association state the blinking obvious 😉 with their B&Q survey, we know most of this already as you sheddies have been doing it for years.. and of course last years winner was a Shed with a bar I wonder if this years will have a hot tub?

Two in five women are hankering after a garden shed – but not just for storing tools, a poll suggested today.
In a survey by DIY chain B & Q, a fifth of those who wanted the wooden building would use it to house a Jacuzzi or a bar.

Others would bring glamour to the garden with under-floor heating (22.5%), and 20% said the shed would have to be carpeted.
Of the 3,000 women surveyed, 16% wanted a bed in the shed. Nearly one in 10 confessed to having had sex in a shed, while 4.9% used theirs for making private phone calls.

Design manager for B & Q
Fionnuala Johnston said: “We’re seeing more and more women come into stores looking for a shed of their own.

“While men are likely to add a chair, a radio and leave it at that, women are more likely to splash out on decoration, accessories and little touches to make their shed a personal retreat.”

The top 10 wishlist for a woman’s shed, starting from the most popular (with percentage of respondents who wanted that item) was: a secure lock (45.1%), a radio (36.07%), a potting bench (32.93%), a Jacuzzi (25.1%), a television (24.9%), ’eco’ features or solar panels (23.13%), under-floor heating (22.5%), bar (21.3%), a carpet (19.8%), and a bed (16.67%).

The women were polled online in February.

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By Andrew Wilcox

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  1. I'm envisioning some Chinese factory manufacturing flatpack ready-to-assemble, polystyrene moulded sheds with cornices, scrollwork, palladian windows, shutters — the architectural works!! Just prepare the foundation, open the lightweight package, and snap and lock.

  2. An interesting article and interesting. Outside buildings do have a lot of potential, so maybe this will help sheds and garages become more widely used for other things then their intention.

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