Just Sheds: GO-GO’s SHED

A great summerhouse that is made up of an old and new shed… great use of our legacy buildings.


The original shed/summerhouse is on righthand side in the photograph.This part dates from the 1920’s is double skinned,t and g cladded inside and very heavy construction.It has a stable type door in both sides,.It was originally fitted underneath with a circular rail track to enable the summerhouse to be turned to face the sun.I added the lefthand side which is my workshop.The fancy fascia boarding was the original design to the summerhouse and I replicated this on the extension.Decking to the front overlooks my garden pond and waterfalls.It just heaven to spend time in and around this building and to observe all the wild life activities around the pond and our lovely garden.I do not plan to duplicate any facilities or services of the house (other than electricity)and intend for the shed to very basic thereby getting away from the trappings of domesticity.Huckleberry Finn-watch out! GO Go’s about.

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By Andrew Wilcox

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