Shed.TV : Hey hey I wanna be a “punk” rock star

Those sheddies Punks Not Dads are looking to the interweb and to sheddies in particular to create a video for their excellent anthem to sheds “IN ME SHED


PUNKS NOT DAD – IN ME SHED – just press the play button…

Punks Not Dad Need:

A SHORT video clip of you (maximum 10 seconds) of you and your friends, family, dogs, pigeons, etc standing proudly in front of your shed and shouting the phrase ‘IN ME SHED’ roughly in time with how it goes in the chorus of our song – i.e. quite fast. Joe Strimmer recommends listening to the song at least ten or twenty times in a row to really get the feel of it and to get the words right.

Extra screen time in the video will be awarded to people who are engaged in any of the activities listed in the lyrics, for example, cleaning a sparkplug, sampling your homebrew, or looking for the duraglit.

Once we have enough clips Joe Strimmer will retire to his Video Shediting Suite and knock up a pop video, making everybody in it famous, a bit like that Nickleback Rockstar video, except cheaper, shorter and slightly less annoying. He will then stick it on the internet for everybody to marvel at.

Videos can be in any format (the smaller the better so we don’t break Joe’s internet connection – mobile phone video clips especially appreciated…) and should be emailed to [email protected] along with your contact details so we can credit you properly, unless you wish to remain anonymous…

Joe Strimmer

I will try recording the readersheds/shedblog bit this week hopefully…

What is becoming the unofficial song of Shed Week 2009, may hit the charts if they can get the video done.

By Andrew Wilcox

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