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Beach huts sell for £40,000 each

24dash reports

Beach Huts
Creative Commons License photo credit: Dave Hamster

Beach huts are bucking the economic trend with buyers splashing out £40,000 a time for the sea-view sheds.

Nine buyers have paid for a 25-year lease on the beach huts on Bournemouth seafront without even seeing them.

The 8ft by 11ft huts have been dubbed glorified sheds and have no running water or electricity and cannot be slept in overnight.

But it is the uninterrupted views of Poole Bay that appeal to buyers.

Ed Sadd, director of Poulton Portables in Shaftesbury, which made the huts, said: “It is really unbelievable that in these economic times people can find that sort of money without even seeing what they are getting.

“They might be glorified sheds but anyone who knows the area will know the magnificent views they offer.”

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