Twitter 2nd anniversary – all grown up?

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no not Twitters 2nd anniversary, 2 years since I joined the 140 characters web & mobile based thing, now it’s gone mainstream with your Wossy, and the great Fry outing twitter to the masses the other month.

Have I learned anything from my time using the system, a few things that speed up the process and make it manageable to daily shed and other stuff.

Let the Twitter Api work for you or really in my case let other people create some great tools.

1) I use Twitterfeed to push the Shed Flickr group and some other stuff

2) I use Twitter Tools to post from this blog directly to twitter and it also display my latest tweets, a great tool

3) I use the following twitters apps to tweet myself Tweekdeck is great, as it lets you know what your followers are saying, what everyone is saying but just moved over to Twhirl but sometimes jump around, as of course the data is in wossname

4) on my mobile (n95) I use mainly twibble and sometimes Tiny Twitter, which is quick and small.

of course now i have all the tools at my disposal, the problem is I have to find interesting things to say on it, which never happens!, its very useful for seeing what other people are saying about Garden sheds online.

If you are a sheddie on Twitter, then please follow me and I will follow you back, also the official mascot for Shed Week Tweets as well;)

also if you want to talk about shedweek then use the hastag #shedweek when you tweet, so I can follow what you are saying about sheds!

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By Andrew Wilcox

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