Offical mascot for National Shed Week, offically

Shed Week 2009, now has an official mascot, his name is Sprout…. ok some favoritism he’s my dog, but it’s my wossname!

Sprout joined the extended shed family last Saturday and the clever fella already has a blog and a twitter account.

He was at the dogs trust rehoming centre in Bridgend he’s a lovely little thing, good natured and very loving, but still had the terrier attitude when out and about.

That also brings me onto this, for the first time & will be supporting a charity for National Shed week, and fittingly enough it’s going to be the Dogs trust, now to figure out how we work with them, but will contact them to see if they have sponsors kit or something, anyway in the meantime you can Sponsor a dog, just say Sprout sent you.

They do a great job and all the staff were very friendly and helpful and we have had some joy in terms of owning sprout.

By Andrew Wilcox

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