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Discovery to launch ‘Shed’ channel

Who would have thunk it, sheds being on the satellite telly again..its like deja view all over again 😉

Well sort of, its going to be a catch up channel of all things DIY and man stuff, hopefully Rico’s Daniels Salvager shows will be shown again (join the “we want another salvager show” facebook group!) and the shedheads show….. of course no wossanme that I announced Shed.TV yesterday (or is it!!!)

I have tried to contact them for more info, but not had a reply… hopefully they will put up some of the stuff on youtube or even shed.Tv 😉


Discovery is to launch a new channel called ‘Discovery Shed’ next month, it has been announced.

The new service, which goes live on March 20, aims to be “the place for men who like good old practical activities to escape to”.

Programming will cover fishing, DIY, construction, cars, bikes and outdoor extreme adventure.

The new addition takes the number of distinct channels in Discovery’s UK portfolio to 12.

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