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Not a shed story but we have had a few sheds built by this natural wossname, so read on.

Council tenants are being offered houses built of straw in a British first.

Four straw-bale semi-detached homes are due to be built by North Kesteven District Council, in Lincolnshire, as part of its drive to provide affordable and eco-friendly housing.

The homes are made of tightly-packed straw and this will be the first time they have been used in Britain for council houses, the company that designed them said.

The innovative homes have been designed by Amazonails – a former women’s roofing company that is now a not-for-profit social enterprise.

Marion Brighton, leader of North Kesteven District Council, said other advantages include the eco-friendly aspect of the homes, which will be “carbon negative” rather than just “carbon zero”.

She also said without planting any extra crop for straw, there is already enough to build 250,000 homes a year if necessary.

She said the houses would cost around £110,000 to build, rather than £130-140,000 for conventional buildings.


Hopefully they will take some notice from Strawdio and the straw bale shed

The company building it was also behind a Grand designs eco home of the year Rachel’s house

They also have a guide which is a few years old “Guide to Straw Bale Building” which is free to download, but they are going to update it at some point.

By Andrew Wilcox

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  1. i'm all up for working towards green technology and keeping the environment healthy, but is this really sustainable.

  2. Hi, we put planning in East Lindsey for a strawbale eco house with 6kw wind turbine, prior to North Kesteven, ours was called old hat and off the shelf and refused, We have recently put in the appeal for this, that will be interesting.

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