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One of the most valuable DIY jobs you can do is to insulate your loft and there’s no better time to do it because loft insulation is half price at Homebase. Two hundred millimetre Space Blanket, for example, is £5.99 for a roll that covers 1.48m sq. You’ll need around 17 rolls for a typical two-bed terrace or semi. But remember: loft insulation should be at least 270mm deep so you’ll need another product as well, unless you have some insulation already in place. For more information go to

The insulation acts as a blanket which stops the rising heated air from the rooms below from escaping and traps it in. It is also worth considering lagging your pipes and cold water tank too.

f you do not currently have any loft insulation, you could save around £205 a year on your heating bills if you install the recommended 270mm depth of insulation. Not only this, but this would also save around 1 tonne of carbon dioxide (CO2) per year. In fact, about £710m could be saved per year if everyone in the UK topped up their loft insulation to 270mm, which would cover the annual fuel bills of around 740,000 households! (source: The Energy Saving Trust)


Q: Do I need to do any special preparations for painting bathroom floorboards?
A: As well as all the usual preparations required for painting bare floorboards, it’s a good idea to fill the gaps between the boards, plus any holes and cracks, with waterproof flexible wood filler. This has some give in it and should prevent water from penetrating beneath the boards and potentially causing damage.

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  1. I just wanted to mention that if people wanted to go down the grant route CERT (carbon emissions reduction target) funding has been extended until December 2012

  2. 270mm of loft insulation is currently required to meet building regulations, of either mineral wool or glass cellulose. You should also consider lagging the pipes in your loft as the can freeze when deprived of the heat from your house. To achieve compliance to Water Bylaw 49 (frost protection) and Part L Building Regulations (energy conservation) you would need to have 25mm of insulation on 15mm,22mm and 28mm pipes. There are also products such as radiator foils available that can stop energy escaping through your walls.

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