Delia says store your Christmas turkey in the shed

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Delia Smith has been roasted for telling people they can store turkey in their shed or car boot – advice experts claim may prove fatal.

Delia told Terry Wogan’s Radio 2 breakfast show: “They are very big, these turkey drumsticks, and if you’ve got a big casserole you might not get it in the fridge.

“So if you’ve got a garage or if you’ve got a garden shed – and if you haven’t got either and you live in a flat, run down to the car park and stick it in the boot of a car and it will stay cool all night.”

But the Food Standards Agency warned that failing to chill cooked poultry quickly and keep it refrigerated might “permit growth of bacteria which survive cooking”.

It said: “This could be fatal for the young, elderly and those with long-term illnesses.”

By Andrew Wilcox

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  1. You should see the size of the freezer I have in my shed. I could keep 20 turkeys in it and still not have to worry about getting sick.

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