What sort of lock have you got on your shed

Following my post about a shed padlock giveaway.

It got me thinking what sort of shed security do you use?

Is it a full blown Shed security system, with PIR and lights, or do you just leave the shed unlocked?

I just have a simple one, but working on getting a posh new lock 😉


Anyway here is a selection of great Shed Locks from our Flickr group


By Andrew Wilcox

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  1. Actually, nothing in workshopshed could be described as expensive as I can't afford new tools. Hence why I end up making and repairing things instead.

  2. Yes thought about the hinges after I posted my security wossname…. will need to investigate further…. unlike you my shed is a empty of expensive things, apart from of course being the centre of the Shed universe

  3. Your shed lock should be matched the rest of the security on your shed. There's little point in buying a massive lock if the door can be easily removed from it's hinges. I agree with the other article that having your tools etc in clear vision through the windows is a bad idea. A good idea would be keep your items in cupboards or boxes which can in turn be padlocked. A flashy toolbox is going to be just as tempting as a leaving your tools on display.

    Since getting the workshop electrics in place I've added a PIR lantern which as well as telling me if someone is wandering around in the bottom of the garden also helps me see to put the key in the padlock. I did look at some of the solar/battery powered lights that do the same job but they were more expensive than the lamp used.

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