Man burned in shed explosion

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The Shropshire star reports and give a warning to all sheddies.

A 20-year-old north Shropshire man was left with facial burns today after the shed he entered to go to sleep burst into flames when he lit a cigarette.

Firefighters said the shed was being used to store butane gas cylinders and a barbecue, which could have caused the explosion when the man used his lighter.

The victim is believed to have been staying in the garden shed at his mother’s house in George Street, Whitchurch, because he was locked out.

He was also left suffering from shock and had burns to hands, firefighters said

Mike Beach, crew manager at Whitchurch Fire Station, said: “The young man was sleeping in a shed where lots of equipment including a barbecue and butane gas cylinder were being stored.

“It’s possible the gas cylinder valve was partially open when he went to light his cigarette causing a flash explosion which set the shed on fire. It burned his face and hands and he said his injuries were stinging very badly.

“When we arrived the victim was trying to put out the fire with his neighbour’s hosepipe.”

By Andrew Wilcox

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  1. If you are storing flamable gas in a shed then you need to ensure it is properly ventilated so that it does not build up. Butane is slightly heavier than air so your vents need to be low down.

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