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Have you seen Angus Young from AC/DC in your shed?

According to the Guardian, Sony/BMG have put a TV advert out for ACDC black ice album that shows people/fans/sheddies pretending to be Angus Young in their sheds?


“One ad doesn’t work for all consumers and marketing pounds have to go further to get people’s attention. There are so many messages out there.”

Doherty said that Sony BMG had been building its knowledge of more innovative, targeted marketing campaigns in stages with advertising for other acts including Will Young, Kings of Leon and AC/DC.

The AC/DC campaign tapped into the mindset of the fans aged 45 and older to “unleash the rock’n’roll within” with a campaign that included men transforming into singer Angus Young in their own time in a garden shed.

Has anyone seen it? I can’t find it on the tubes? (FOUND IT NOW, Thanks Richard)

anyway heres the Black Ice Video player

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