Have you seen Angus Young from AC/DC in your shed?

According to the Guardian, Sony/BMG have put a TV advert out for ACDC black ice album that shows people/fans/sheddies pretending to be Angus Young in their sheds?


“One ad doesn’t work for all consumers and marketing pounds have to go further to get people’s attention. There are so many messages out there.”

Doherty said that Sony BMG had been building its knowledge of more innovative, targeted marketing campaigns in stages with advertising for other acts including Will Young, Kings of Leon and AC/DC.

The AC/DC campaign tapped into the mindset of the fans aged 45 and older to “unleash the rock’n’roll within” with a campaign that included men transforming into singer Angus Young in their own time in a garden shed.

Has anyone seen it? I can’t find it on the tubes? (FOUND IT NOW, Thanks Richard)

anyway heres the Black Ice Video player

By Andrew Wilcox

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  1. Thanks for the reply-I can see that there is room for everyone in the ‘world of sheds’ and it is a broad church. I can see that there is more to sheds than I thought. I am going to keep my eye on this site as it is a good one and really entertaining. Who knows I may be a proud owner of one myself soon!

  2. My sister did get a ah-em ‘summer house’ which to the untrained eye does look rather shed like but has slightly more glass and two doors. It seems to be used for supping tea in or my nephew paints his models in it which seems a ‘shed-like ‘ pursuit. Are summer houses just sheds under a slightly posher name? How does a proper ‘sheddy’ feel about these ‘summer houses’? I can’t imagine anyone going mad to ac/dc in a summerhouse! Far too Mrs Bouquet!

    1. Mrs Uncle Wilco has a summerhouse and it’s well loved she does have a radio in there but not swtiched to Planet Rock mores the shame.

      Iam happy with it being put lumped together with the sheds, but It’s my site so Iam not really a proper sheddie, just the bloke who gets the sheddi together.

  3. It’s a pleasure – best ad on tv. I haven’t got a shed but might get one now just to have as a rock ‘n’ roll temple! Funnily enough my brother -in law has always wanted a shed but my sister has always refused as she says ‘they encourage men to get up to daft things in them’. I don’t thing this ad will change her point of view!

    1. Tell your sister in-shed that sisters are doing it for themselves in terms of sheds now as well…,. more than welcome on readersheds.co.uk

  4. I’ve seen it and it’s brill! He’s got gnomes as band members complete with a gibson sg. He starts going mad in his shed which is a shrine to the mighty angus and ac dc. He headbangs to the song ‘runaway train’ and smoke starts coming out of his shed complete with explosions! I know ac dc can ‘blow up your video’ but a shed is a new one. It’s better than the programmes!

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