How people find this blog

Been looking at my stats and some interesting things people find the shedblog by

recent search engine keywords this week include

shed base
sheds for sale
build a shed
shed plans
bark chippings
shed insulation
shed sale
how to build a shed

All normal, but of course we get some juicy ones as well some I can explain, some I can’t

sarah beeny topless is very popular… 🙂

The other’s I can’t
garden clown
rude feelings or thoughs
can i keep a cockerel
string vest where can i buy
how to keep cockerals quiet?
photos of wives butts
squirrel lovers forum

Maybe I need to branch out and do other blogs!

By Andrew Wilcox

I love sheds Founder & judge of Shed of the year - Wilco writes mainly about sheds. About the blog Enter your shed into #shedoftheyear