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The shed designs up for the wossname are.

Sanctuary Shed
A total relaxing sanctuary, where the warm breeze slowly sways the white muslin curtains back and forth, white soft features are everywhere.
Cosy sofa …

Green’s Green Green Shed
Green’s Office in Green:

Grassed roof with solar panels as back-up power and solar carriage=lantern lights on the front and side.

Insulated walls,…

I want to build a woodshed that will compliment the Classic garden/storage shed I posted earlier so this will also have same paint scheme of green siding …

Wisteria Junction
The shed is designed to house the stacking yard for an outdoor garden railway. To capture the character of its purpose, it is styled after a railway signal …

Pure sound studio
This is my vision for my dream home recording studio. It is inspired by the work of the modernist architect Le Corbusier and its purity of design will …

Workshop and Storage Combo
This is actually two sheds in one.

The idea is that the smaller shed is for storage of garden equipment and garden furniture etc. The larger is to be …

Dual Purpose Garden and Storage Shed
In building a shed I needed to look at need versus want. My family has recently moved several members back into the home and space is now at a premium….

Puzzle Box
My dream shed design would incorporate all the different uses my family would have for a shed and was inspired by a documentary I saw on people who live …

Le Pod

What Citroen did with the DS, what Dyson did with the DC, what Sony did with Walkman;

now Le POD does it for shed design….

Solar shed
I’ve been part of many log home building projects. Often people need to have some kind of source for off-grid electricity. Most of the time …

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