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Mrs uncle wilco loves to watch the telly show Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, and she always ends up crying, but is it because she has to look at my ugly mug at the end of the show instead of Ty Pennington, who’s good looking, handy with a hammer and is an all round great guy?

Anyway the next few weeks will be filled to the shed roof of Ty as he’s “doing the UK” as they style tv put it “Ty spent eight days in Cornwall, bringing his evangelical yet muscular makeover magic to the residents of Portreath” on Ty’s Great British Adventure, so sheddies dont expect your wife to pay much attention to you.

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Here are some facts about him, just to get it out of the way..

:: Ty lives with his manager and girlfriend Andrea in Venice Beach, California.

:: After university Ty began working as a carpenter and eventually became his own boss.

“I got so tired of not knowing how I would put food on the table I decided to start my own business working on houses,” he says.

:: Ty became a star almost over night after joining the DIY show Trading Spaces, which shot to the top of the US cable charts. He now reportedly has the greatest ’positive purchase impact’ of any celebrity – that means that what he endorses, sells.

:: Ty was diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) when he was a boy and is now a spokesperson for the organisation ADHD Experts on Call.

:: Ty started modelling to make money during art school and hated it. But he does admit it had some benefits: “I made lots of friends, had lots of experiences and it did make me very comfortable in front of the camera which would turn out to be a priceless gift.”

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