Tomorrow’s world making a comback?

The daily record reports that the BBC TV show which featured Shed of the year judge Trevor baylis and his great windup radio is coming back

BBC One’s controller has revealed the science show – which ran from 1965 to 2003 and was fronted by Raymond Baxter, Judith Hann and Michael Rodd, among others – is set to return.

Jay Hunt said the rebranded version would be “Tomorrow’s World with a different name”.

They also give a list of the great and not so good inventions that featured on the show.

some of the bad include.


Antonio Bonjono’s 1975 idea was aimed at London commuters who would take to the Thames. The dodgy idea sank without trace.


The 1981 idea that protein-rich worms would become a staple food was to no one’s taste.


Eyebrows, not interest, were raised among farmers after this alarming 1984 device was shown to the world.

Hopefully the modern day shedbased inventors out there will now get a good platform for showing off their creations.

By Andrew Wilcox

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