Evacuation after chemicals found in brum shed

The birmingpost reports

FAMILIES were evacuated from their Birmingham homes after a huge stash of explosive chemicals was discovered inside a blazing shed.

Fire crews woke 100 sleeping people from their beds at homes in Longbridge at 4.30am yesterday after the fire.

An industrial tank of acetylene gas, used for welding, was being stored alongside two huge drums of diesel in a metal-clad outhouse on Thurlestone Road.

Northfield Fire Station commander Andy Simmonds said: “Acetylene is dangerous and unpredictable when subjected to any heat and has the potential to go off like a bomb.

“Potentially it can be catastrophic so we put out emergency procedures into action.

“It’s a chemical which should never be stored in a domestic property so we were concerned to find such a large cylinder alongside two 45-litre drums of fuel. We will be talking to the homeowner and giving him some advice.”

So a warning for sheddies looking to use these chemicals, and a worry for potential shed burnage.

By Andrew Wilcox

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