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A Cleethorpes couple’s bar in their back garden, the Beach Hut, will be investigated by officials.

Following the Grimsby Telegraph story featured in yesterday’s paper, North East Lincolnshire Council officers pledged to visit the owners.

As reported, Paul and Angie Snelson, of Cleethorpes, transformed their garden hut into a makeshift bar more than a year ago and invited friends and relatives around for drinks.

Mr Snelson (45) said he used to spend around &pound5,000 per year in food and drinks at his local pub.

But after the smoking ban he decided to build his own beach hut and serve drinks to his mates.

No charge is made and donations are left in a jar instead.

He said: “It is just how it used to be and people can have a smoke and enjoy a drink and a laugh in good company.

“It has caught on and we have relatives who have set up their own beach huts. We are up to beach hut number eight now.”

He added: “We do not charge so it is not against the law.”

This was confirmed by officials from the Government’s department of Media and Culture.

A North East Lincolnshire Council spokesman said: “The council is investigating this story and will be in contact with the owners.

“The last thing we want to see is people thinking it is okay to set up a bar in their own garden.”

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By Andrew Wilcox

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  1. LOL love it!

    I hope that they have some seriously nasty dogs and when…”The council is investigating this story and will be in contact with the owners.” What a draconian country we live in.

  2. You have our one hundred percent support. We also use our pub shed as a regular meeting venue for friends, they bring their own drink and we have a better time than in any pub we have ever been in. Ours is also a SMOKING PUB and why the hell not, the council will find a way of spoiling your fun but stick to your guns crack open a can have a fag and keep smiling we will sign any pertition for supporting you, Mandy and Smudge, the Forge and Flagon.

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