Beach huts affected by credit crunch

The Times reports

Mudeford Beach huts  by Nick Horne
Mudeford Beach huts by Nick Horne

Mudeford Spit Beach huts, once derided as glorified sheds where elderly couples stored their deck chairs, gained new status in recent years as they soared in price. Now, however, their value is falling faster than a dead seagull.

ome of the most popular were those on Mudeford Spit, a ribbon of white sand extending into Christchurch harbour in Dorset. Wooden huts would change hands for the price of a decent house elsewhere, despite a £30,000 “transfer fee” imposed by the local council. The huts, however, have proved to be a barometer for Britain’s economy. Within a few months of the start of the credit crunch the price of a Mudeford beach hut has plummeted by a third. Huts that would have changed hands for more than £150,000 a year ago are barely making £90,000, including the £30,000 fee. Normally, up to 20 of the 344 huts at Mudeford change hands each year. This year, however, only five have sold.

By Andrew Wilcox

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