UK first “mensheds” opens

I mentioned the idea of Mensheds in Oz before, but the UK one has officially opened according to the BBC.

The first shed in a new project in Gloucestershire which aims to persuade older men to get out of their garden sheds and help others has opened.

Age Concern’s “shed” in the Forest of Dean is a workshop where men over 50 can meet up and refurbish unwanted tools which will be sent to Africa.

The charity wants to encourage retired men who do not traditionally use their services and are at risk of isolation.

They also hope to revive and preserve the skills of repair and refurbishment.

The “Men in Sheds” project’s aim is for groups of men over 55 to meet together and refurbish old hand tools.

The tools will then be packaged up into tool kits by another charity, “Tools for Self Reliance”, and sent to communities in Africa that need them.

By Andrew Wilcox

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