Shed of the year winner – a few thanks

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Tim the winner of Shed of the Year sent me a lovely email to say thanks but not only to me, it’s like an oscar speech! but much appreciated.

some thank yous;

Uncle Wilco for masterminding the whole wossaname and being forever on call if needed, and despite having to drag himself from his sick bed saw Shed week through to a successful conclusion despite the difficulties caused by my unintentional “vanishing act”

My fellow contestants especially those who reached the final and those in the pub class who didn’t. Your good wishes were much appreciated.

There were quite a few who I thought could beat me and I could not have grumbled had I lost to many of you. I hope I can prove to be a worthy winner and uphold the honour of the pub class and sheds in general until I am relieved of the title next year.

I have no intention to try again but I hope the rugby pub will inspire even more and better entrants next year.

Deborah Dee the magazine journalist who saw the rugby pub on the website, liked it , commented that it had a “wow factor” and then wrote an article for the co-op magazine (printed circa 1.4 million, circulated to membership circa 500,000). The article came out while the votes were being taken and no doubt made a considerable difference to the voting, although I was canvassing hard as well. What about Deborah for the judging panel next year?

The many friends and supporters who have voted tirelessly whenever possible.

The other people I emailed who have no interest in sheds or the competition but who receive canvassing emails from me just the same My relatives who have never stopped encouraging me

The worthy sponsors Gardenbuildingsdirect, who I am looking forward to hearing from next week!

Tony from last years Roman Temple and the other very worthy judges who said such nice things about my shed

And finally ( I hope I have not left any one out) My wife who has to put up with all my eccentricities but who definitely is allowed in the shed

By Andrew Wilcox

I love sheds Founder & judge of Shed of the year - Wilco writes mainly about sheds. About the blog Enter your shed into #shedoftheyear