Just sheds : Wilfred Pendle’s Summerhouse

The first of my Just sheds post after Shed Week, I may do them on Tuesday,Wednesday or Thursday, I will just surprise you.

This week a great Summerhouse called Wilfred Pendle’s Summerhouse

“This summer house was bought by my grandfather, Wilfred Pendle, sometime in
the 50s or early 60s and was situated in his garden in Witham in Essex. It
was used as a playroom by my sister and me (at one point it contained a pair
of BOAC aircraft seats, so it became a spaceship from time to time as
well…). In his later years, my grandfather would sit in it to enjoy the
afternoon sun. When he passed away, my parents decided they would move the
summer house to their garden in Bath. Although rather heavy, the
construction of the building is very simple. There are seven pieces: a
floor, one solid wall, two walls with windows, one with windows and double
doors, and a two-part pitched roof. The structure was so well designed, it
slots together, requiring only eight bolts to secure it.”

By Andrew Wilcox

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  1. We've found a new owner for the summerhouse! – Neil and David will be revjuvenating it into a gin palace, complete with pot-bellied stove, apparently, to be situated at the top of their hillside garden. It's being dismantled this weekend to make way for a soundproofed studio shed, to accommodate our young boys' further musical education, as well as my drum kit. Will send photos of it in its new home, once it's been spruced up and has settled in. Many thanks for your kind attention, Uncle Wilco!

    1. Glad to know that the summer house is going to a good home…. I look forward to seeing your new music shed on readersheds.co.uk some time soon

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